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Curling Club Safety Guidelines

Safety In the Shane Homes Curling Rink at the Springbank Park For All Seasons

The Springbank Curling Club (SCC) and Springbank Park For All Seasons (SPFAS) jointly ask curlers, as well as coaches, teachers, managers and other curling officials and volunteers, to review and implement the following safety practices and related measures.

1. Preparation for Accessing the Curling Rink & Going On the Ice

  • Use a pair of clean curling shoes or other non-outdoor use shoes, preferably fit with good quality grips on both feet.
  • Use a clean curling broom.
  • Use the Boot Boy units and Sticky Mats located at the entry to the curling rink to clean your shoes.
  • Respect the rules of curling, fellow curlers and the SPFAS Staff maintaining the curling rink.
  • Stay off of each curling ice sheet until SPFAS Staff have completed their ice maintenance work.    
  • If you have forgotten to bring your personal curling broom, slider or gripper, use the curling equipment located in the curling rink. (Return this equipment after finishing your curling activity.)
  • Do not run on the curling ice. Avoid walking backwards on the curling ice, especially while rocks are in play.
  • No momentum generating “High 5’s”, hugs or other body contact allowed between people on the curling ice.
  • Respect & Preserve Curling Ice:
  • Respect & Preserve Curling Rocks:
  • Respect Other Curlers:
  • Always be observant, aware and mindful of thrown rocks being in play, as well as those sweeping rocks.
  • Do not wear head phones, ear buds or ear muffs while in the curling rink.        
  • Do not consume food or beverages during on ice curling activities in the curling rink.
  • No alcohol consumption is permitted during on ice curling activities in the curling rink.
  • Adults may wear helmets if they choose to do so. (See #4 below for additional information.)        

2. Safety Practices While Curling

            a) Do not lay your body or place hands on the ice for any length of time.

            b) Respect/Preserve Curling Ice – Do not chip ice with curling broom or other items.

            c) No spitting allowed.     

            a) Do not remove curling rocks from the ice surface.

            b) Do not drop rocks on to the ice surface.

            c) Do not throw excessively hard take outs.

            d) Do not throw or run rocks over the hacks at the ends of each sheet.  

            a) Move play along at a good steady pace.

            b) Be aware of “end of game” advance notice given when the “last draw” bell rings.

            c) No taunting, bullying or use of other abusive or foul language.

3. Supervision of Youth Curlers – Plan to have at least one adult (coach, manager or other volunteer) on the ice in the curling rink while youth curlers (under 18 years of age) are in the curling rink. While not mandatory, SPFAS recommends that a preferred ratio of supervising adults to youth curlers would be to have one such adult on each sheet of curling ice used by the respective youth curlers.

4. Helmets for Youth Curlers – While SPFAS has not formally mandated that wearing helmets is mandatory for youth curlers (under 18 years of age) or adult curlers, SPFAS & SCC jointly recommend that youth curlers wear properly fitted and secured curling, skating, hockey, roller blade, skateboard, bike or other CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved helmets while involved in curling activities in the curling rink. A wide selection of safety head gear specifically available to curlers can be purchased from vendors who sell curling equipment. Choices include visors, toques, ball caps and head bands. These items all retain additional padding that can assist with cushioning the impact of an individual’s head striking the ice surface. SPFAS & SCC jointly recommend that all curlers consider adding head protection to their curling attire and equipment inventory.

5. Safekeeping of Personal Curling Equipment & Other Valuables – While involved in on ice curling activities, retain all personal valuables inside the curling rink. Avoid leaving personal valuables in the Concession Area adjacent to the curling rink, or in the Lounge located above the curling rink.    

6. Emergency Response – Should a curler or other individual incur an injury on or off the curling ice and an assessment is made that emergency medical assistance is required, then call 9-1-1 immediately. Call 9-1-1 first in these types of situations and then seek supplementary assistance from SPFAS (locate a SPFAS Staff Member, or call the SPFAS Assistance Line @ 403 618 9152).    

7. Safety Kit & Defibrillator Availability at SPFAS – A safety kit is located in the Concession Area on one of the exterior walls of the SCC Equipment Storage Room. This safety kit contains supplies (including bandages, gauze, a blanket and other items) that can be used to treat some injuries. A defibrillator is located on one of the walls adjacent to the SPFAS main entry doors. The defibrillator can be deployed to assist with providing medical care to an individual who is assessed to be suffering from a heart ailment.  

Thank you for your assistance with implementing the above noted safety practices and measures.

Springbank Curling Club & Springbank Park For All Seasons

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