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2021-2022 Thursday Night Mixed League Information

UPDATED October 18, 2021

Welcome to Springbank Thursday Mixed Curling League!

We are hopefull that this year of curling will not be affected as much by COVID-19 as it was last year. At this point there are no restrictions to the game of curling itself (a physical activity). To comply with the Government of Alberta Public Health Orders, the Club has implemented a Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) that requires all players (including spares) to sign a consent form and show proof of vaccincation before being allowed to play. Once on the ice, masks can be removed and normal rules of play can be followed. Note that are masks are required in public areas and there are restrictions on lounge service. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidance of AHS and Springbank Park.

Teams are required to register as a mixed team (ie at least two females and two males), and have one male and one female in the play the back end positions (ie:  Lady Skip , Male Third or vice versa). Spares should play the front end positions. 

The registration process is almost complete. Teams are required to provide consent forms, waivers, show proof of vaccination and payment of fees on opening night - September 30.  

League Format:

There are 2 draws every Thursday with 7PM and 9:15PM start times. Each game consists of 8 ends or one complete end after the buzzer, which ever occurs first. There will be 22 nights of curling starting September 30, 2021.

Seventeen teams have registered for the Thursday Night Mixed League. The teams are divided into three Divisions and there will be four squares (or rounds) with two weeks at the end of the season used for playoffs. “A” Division is for the stronger, more experienced teams and the “C” Division for newer teams and less experienced curlers. Because we have an odd number of teams, each Division will get a BYE in one of their rounds. The BYE will start in Division B, then Division A, then Division C and then in Division B.

Points are awarded as shown in the table below for each game played. There is a rebalancing of teams after each square (or round). The teams are re-seeded based on points and could move into a different Division at the end of each round. This process will enable stronger teams to migrate into the "A" Division as the year progresses. Final standings for the year are based on aggregate points for all squares (or rounds). Teams that have a BYE will receive points as if it were a win - this is necessary because aggregate points will be used to determine the final standings. Ties will be broken using head to head record (ie if Team A and Team B are tied in the standings, their record against each other will be used to break the tie) followed by points for and against differential (ie if Team A and Team B are tied after considering their head to head record, the team that has the largest differential in total points for vs total points against will be placed in the higher position in the standings).

The following table represents the awarded points for a Win, Tie or Loss.

Division "A"
Division "B"
Division "C"531


At the conclusion of Round 4, we will have a two week playoff where the top four teams in each Division (based on aggregate points) have  a playoff - the winners of 1 vs 4; 2 vs 3 will play each other to determine the Division winner. The overall Thursday Night Mixed League Champion will compete against the Friday night champion to deterimine which team will represent the Club at the City Championship. 

Please have one member from the winning or one of the tying teams contact me with the game results after each draw. Scores can be emailed to [email protected] , or use the QR code posted on the bulletin board at the Club to submit your scores via a Google form.

Note that players that are sparing must follow the same rules as regular members - they must show proof of vaccination and sign a Waiver. Details of this process have not yet been finalized. The intention with this requirement is to be compliant with Government Health orders and more importantly, protect the health of all our members. Therefore, it is important that all teams understand this requirement and help with its implementation by identifying spare players proactively and helping to ensure they have met our requirements.

Good luck and good curling!

For more information contact: Howard Backus of Springbank Thursday Night Mixed Curling at [email protected]


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