Welcome to Springbank Thursday Mixed Curling League!

There are 2 draws every Thursday: 7 PM and 9:15 PM. Each game consists of 8 ends or one end after the buzzer, which ever occurs first.

There are 3 Divisions:  “A” Division is for the stronger, more experienced teams and the “C” Division for newer teams and less experienced curlers. There is a rebalancing of divisions after each round where the team with the best record in  “B” and "C" move up one division and the bottom teams of "A" and "B" move down a division. 

Please have one member from the winning or one of the tying teams mark the sheet on the bulletin board indicating game results after each draw. 

Teams are required to have one male and one female in the top 2 positions (ie:  Lady Skip , Male Third or vice versa). 

There will be 3 rounds followed by a playoff to determine division winners after the 3rd round.  

The league will end with a wind-up party. Volunteers are needed to help organize this event.

The A division winner will deemed Thursday Night Mixed League Champions and will will play the Thursday Afternoon and Friday Night Fun Lovers Open-Mixed League Champions in March 2020 to determine which team will represent the Springbank Curling Club at the City Championships.

For more information contact: Bruce Thornton of Springbank Thursday Night Mixed Curling at [email protected]


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