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Guidelines for Springbank Thursday Night Mixed League


Teams are to be registered and paid prior to the start of the curling season. For the 2021 / 2022 season, the registration process requires each player to sign the Curling Canada Waiver, the Vaccination Status Consent Form, and show proof of vaccination prior to curling.

As this is a Mixed League, teams are to have at least two guys and two gals registered. Up to six players can be registered on one team.

All players are to be registered as Members via the Springbank Curling Club webpage (springbankcurling.com).

For 2021 / 2022, Spares are to comply with the same process as registered members by completing the Curling Canada Waiver, the Vaccination Status Consent Form, and show proof of vaccination prior to curling. To facilitate this process, teams that know that Spares will be required are requested to proactively identify them and ensure they are properly registered with the Club.

Players should have with them Proof of Vaccination at all times, in case the Club is audited or inspected by a health official.


For 2021 / 2022, the pre-COVID rules are in effect again – two sweepers are allowed on your own delivered stones; skips can sweep opponents stones once they touch the tee line, etc. Masks are required in the curling lobby and in the lounge, until you are seated at a table. Masks are not required once you are on the ice. Some players may feel more comfortable wearing a mask while playing, and this is acceptable. There is a supply of sanitizing wipes available to wipe down your rocks and equipment. Also, respect each member’s comfort zone when it comes to pre & post game handshakes (a wave, nod or broom tap is OK) and distancing while on the ice. We want everyone to be safe and comfortable while playing.

Preparing to Play:

There are now cubbies and lockers available in the curling lobby to store your shoes, etc. while you are playing. Please use these cubbies and lockers to keep the lobby area clear.

“Boot boys” are located near the entrance to the ice surface. Please use them to clean your footwear before going out to the ice area. Also, make sure your equipment is in good condition (sliders are not too worn, brooms are clean) as this helps with the quality of the ice.

The Ice Staff need time to clean, pebble and clip the ice between each draw. Please give them the time and space they need to do their job efficiently. Do not go onto the ice for stretching or practice slides until your sheet is ready for play.

Thirds / Vice shall use a COVID proof method for determining which team get the hammer for the first end (coin flip, virtual coin flip, rock-paper-scissors, etc.)

Draw Times:

For the Thursday Night Mixed League, draw times are 7PM and 9:15PM. Please arrive early enough to be ready to start on time.

Watch your pace of play. An eight end game can be completed in 2 hours if players are in the hack and ready to throw when their turn comes. When your team’s delivered stone comes to rest, turn the sheet over to the opposition as soon as possible. Ensure you are out of the way of the delivering team so they can call their shot and deliver their stone. Games that move quickly have the added bonus of keeping all players focused, and increasing your “lounge time”.

A buzzer will sound 100 minutes after the start of the draw – 8:40 for the 7PM draw and 10:55 for the 9:15PM draw. When the buzzer sounds, you may complete the end you are on and play one more end. The end is complete when the Thirds / Vice agree on the score. If you have just started an end when the buzzer sounds, consider whether or not you realistically have time to complete two ends – remember that the Ice Staff needs time to do their job, and finishing late pushes the next draw back too.

It is a good practice to confirm how many ends are left in the game with the opposing skip when you hear the buzzer.

Playing the Game:

We follow the Curling Canada’s “Rules of Curling for General Play”, which can be found here: https://www.curling.ca/about-the-sport-of-curling/getting-started-in-curling/rules-of-curling-for-general-play/.

The 5 rock rule is being used, which means any stationary stone(s) belonging to the opposition located in the Free Guard Zone shall not be removed from play by the delivering team prior to the delivery of the sixth stone of the end.

Concluding the Game:

When the last end is complete please return the stones to the home end of the rink. Collect your equipment and vacate the ice area so the Ice Staff can do their job, and the teams for the next draw can prepare.

Game scores are to be emailed to [email protected].

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns can be address to Howard Backus (Springbank Thursday Night Mixed League Coordinator) at [email protected].


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