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2023/24 Round Two

7:00 PM1Armstrong vs. Rotators
7:00 PM2McWhirter vs. Sawatzky
7:00 PM3Reservoir Dogs vs. Somerset
7:00 PM4Williams vs. Sieppert
7:00 PM5Rock Solid vs. Northpoint
7:00 PM6Niles vs. Montreux
7:00 PM1McWhirter vs. Somerset
7:00 PM2Sieppert vs. Reservoir Dogs
7:00 PM3Rotators vs. Rock Solid
7:00 PM4Northpoint vs. Montreux
7:00 PM5Armstrong vs. Niles
7:00 PM6Sawatzky vs. Williams
7:00 PM1Sawatzky vs. Reservoir Dogs
7:00 PM2Northpoint vs. Niles
7:00 PM3Sieppert vs. Somerset
7:00 PM4Williams vs. McWhirter
7:00 PM5Rock Solid vs. Armstrong
7:00 PM6Montreux vs. Rotators
7:00 PM1McWhirter vs. Sieppert
7:00 PM2Somerset vs. Sawatzky
7:00 PM3Montreux vs. Armstrong
7:00 PM4Rotators vs. Northpoint
7:00 PM5Williams vs. Reservoir Dogs
7:00 PM6Niles vs. Rock Solid
7:00 PM1Northpoint vs. Armstrong
7:00 PM2Rock Solid vs. Montreux
7:00 PM3Reservoir Dogs vs. McWhirter
7:00 PM4Niles vs. Rotators
7:00 PM5Sawatzky vs. Sieppert
7:00 PM6Somerset vs. Williams

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The Springbank Curling Club is a non-profit volunteer organization that runs various curling leagues and programs at the Springbank Park For All Seasons.

If you’re a beginner or championship-bound, young or old, Springbank has a curling league for you. Join by yourself or with your team. In our warm and friendly club, you will quickly find yourself "at home at Springbank".

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