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Steps to Follow When an Injury Occurs

Step 1:  Control the Environment so no Further Harm Occurs

  • Stop all participants.
  • Protect yourself if you suspect bleeding (put on gloves).
  • If outdoors, shelter the injured participant from the elements and from any traffic.

STEP 2: Do a First Assessment of the Situation.  Identify if the Participant:

  • is not breathing;
  • does not have a pulse;
  • is bleeding profusely;
  • has impaired consciousness;
  • has injured the back, neck or head;
  • has a visible major trauma to a limb;
  • cannot move his/her arms or legs or has lost feeling in them.

If the participant does not show the signs above, proceed to Step 3.

STEP 3: Do a Second Assessment of the Situation

  • Gather the facts by asking the injured participant as well as anyone who witnessed the incident.
  • Stay with the injured participant and try to calm him/her; your tone of voice and body language are critical.
  • If possible, have the participant move himself/herself off the playing surface. Do not attempt to move an injured participant.

STEP 4: Assess the Injury

  • If possible, have someone with first aid training complete an assessment of the injury and decide how to proceed.
  • The first aid kit is in the locker area beside the window facing the curling rink.
  • There is an AED in the concession, it’s attached to the lockers and faces the curling rink.
  • Emergency telephone numbers are the wall just inside the concession lobby. Dial 9-1-1 for ambulance, fire, or police; the address of the facility is also posted to provide to first responders.
  • Contact Springbank Park staff using the phone number posted on the bulletin board if there is a hazardous condition or you require assistance from them.

If they are sure the injury is minor, proceed to step 5.

STEP 5: Control the Return to Activity

Allow a participant to return to activity after a minor injury only if there is no…

  • swelling;
  • deformity;
  • continued bleeding;
  • reduced range of motion;
  • pain when using the injured part.

STEP 6: Record the Injury on an Accident Report Form

Submit the Accident Report to your League Coordinator and the Club President at [email protected]

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