When:  March 13-15, 2020

Fee:  $260. Registration will Open December 2, 2019.  Entry Deadline:  Feb 28th, 2020.

Prizes:  WINE

What:  Play Money Casino, Breakfast & Banquet, Turkey Shoot

This is a MIXED bonspiel.  All teams must have two women and two men.  The lead and second are a man and woman in either order and the third and skip are a woman and man in either order.  Note that the event includes a dinner, play money casino and prize raffle on Saturday evening and the curling schedule is arranged so that all teams are able to participate in all activities.  You may wish to bring guests for that portion of the event and tickets are available for that purpose at an additional cost of $40ea.  All prizes are wine.

Entries should be emailed to David Boone followed by a cheque for the entire entry fee made out to Springbank Curling Club.  You will receive a confirmation email that you are entered. 

Please send cheque to:  David Boone,  33227 Huggard Road, Calgary, AB. T3Z 2C4

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