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Tuesday Night Men's Format and Information 2020/21


Tuesday Night Men's Format and Information  2021/22

(Updated September 28, 2021)


Welcome to Springbank Tuesday Night Men’s League!

We are hopefull that this year of curling will not be affected as much by COVID-19 as it was last year. At this point there are no restrictions to the game of curling itself (a physical activity). To comply with the Government of Alberta Public Health Orders, the Club has implemented a Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) that requires all players (including spares) to sign a consent form and show proof of vaccincation before being allowed to play. Once on the ice, masks can be removed and normal rules of play can be followed. Note that are masks are required in public areas and there are restrictions on lounge service. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidance of AHS and Springbank Park.

League Format:

There is 1 draw every Tuesday: 7:00 PM.    Please ensure to double check the ice that you are supposed to play on when you get to the club - via the website.  Start your games on time, and remember to reach out to reach out to the spares (Spares must have their Covid Vaccinations) on the spare list if you are short - there are a number of eager players who are happy to get in a game, and FORFEITING SUCKS!  Your team is ok to play with 3 players or 2 if you have too - Skip throws rock 1,2,7,8.  If you absolutely cannot field a team, let the opposing skip know as soon you are sure of it - phone numbers are available on the website, and emails can be generated there (all skips email addresses can also be found in the address list of this email).

A bell will ring to signify the end of the game - finish the game.  The bell will ring at 8:50 for games; if the bell doesn't sound, please use your imagination and pretend it went at the time it was supposed to go, and wrap up on time.  You can start another end at 8:50 -- however it is a hard stop at 9:15 -- if you haven't finished the end -- the score at the end of the previous end will be the final game score. 
We continue to use the 5-rock free guard zone, meaning that you cannot remove an opponent's stone from the free guard zone prior to delivery of the 6th rock of the end.  If you are interest to check out the details, you will find them here: https://www.curling.ca/about-the-sport-of-curling/getting-started-in-curling/rules-of-curling-for-general-play/
Please submit your result as soon as possible after the game to [email protected], or text 4037021193 and we will update the standings. The actual score is not required, just the winner and loser of the match.  Points will be awarded to each team according to the table below, and the aggregate point total on the season will be used to select the team to challenge for a spot in the Traveler's Championship, and to determine seeding in the playoff round.  
A playoff (Page System) will determine the Tuesday Men's Team who will play for the Club Championship against one team selected from the Wednesday Night League, and the Club Champion will represent the Springbank Curling Club at the City Championships. 
Division "A"
Division "B"
Division "C"

Important Dates:

September 28th - First night of Tuesday Night Men's League curling

Dec. 21/28th:  No Curling  --- (Last day of curling in December is 14th)

Jan.4th:  Curling resumes 

March 8th:  Last Night of Curling and Tuesday Night Windup

March 15th;  Men's Club Champion Playoff (Winner Tuesday Night vs Winner of Wednesday Night)


2021/2022 Playoffs:

The playoff format will be based on the Page Playoff system.

The first four top teams (based on year total score on a per game basis – some teams may have played more or less games depends on byes). 1 play 2 to go to final, 3 play 4 with winner playing losser of 1-2 game.  Then winner of 1-2 game and 3-4 winner vs losser 1-2 game -- winner will play for Club Championship.

The next 4 teams will play a similar format for the “Neil Somerset President Cup”

The remaining teams will play a round robin mini runner up competition


For more information, if you have any suggestions or comments, or if you would like to volunteer for the Club or the League, please contact Rich Dembo at [email protected].

Good Luck and Good Curling!

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